How Meant2be Can Help Your Club

What's Your Meant2be Today?

How Meant2be Can Help Your Club

A better way- Local, Here, Ready!

We prefer to invite you to visit Meant2be and get together, face to face to talk through the main apparel challenges facing your Club. If you’re keen to find a more reliable supplier that has a proven, in-house process that can confidently and consistently deliver your playing uniforms on time, then we’d love to discuss our better ‘Local, Here, Ready’ way for your Club or team. If face to face isn’t possible, then a phone call to talk over what you are ideally looking for in a supplier is a great start.

To arrange a time to meet or phone call to chat, we ask you to forward your contact details below. We’ll then call to say hello and book in a time that suits. We can then discuss uniforms, process, and any other requirements you have. It will also allow you to gauge if Meant2be might be a good fit.

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