Our History

What's Your Meant2be Today?

Our History

Robert met Elizabeth in early 1993.

By September that year, they realised that they were destined to be together. Elizabeth said “We love each other, so come what may, we cannot fail.” From that moment on, they were Meant2Be. And so, the adventure began. They really wanted to share their life together, and do something they loved, but do it together. The corporate life, going to work, “see you tonight” routine, wasn’t conducive for people like them.
So they quit those ‘jobs’, and woke up with very little in Keilor Park.

Robert realising the unbelievably empowering effect of someone who really loves and believes in you has, he was inspired to dream the vision of something wonderful. A BHP for all. An entity or organisation. An undertaking that would be of true value to all that came into contact with it, irrespective of who they were or what they needed. It would be a reflection of their personal Meant2Be. If they believed it, others would too.

It may not have been tangible or visible then, in fact as the story evolved and the picture became clearer and clearer, they knew that what they had begun, was of great importance - to themselves, their family, their friends and community. It filled them with a passionate drive to create a framework to ‘touch all humans’ at a heart and mind level. This journey, their Meant2Be, reflects them and their life principles.
It is their magnum opus- their life’s great work. (dramatically Charlotte’s Web, but true!)