Our Meant2Be

What's Your Meant2be Today?

About Us

Meant2Be is a Resource Centre that exists with a view of being useful to all people. Not to a few or some, but to all!
Our organisation seeks to be involved across 4 broad social pillars. These include: Community, Sports, Celebrations & Business.

Depending on what is most important for you to achieve on any given day (Your Meant2Be Today), we feel we can be of value in our willingness to help and support you achieve that ‘Meant2Be’ through what we do.

We nurture personal growth & creativity, through the use of our in-house resource centre and infrastructure.
By conducting meetings, offering workshops & discussion groups, we actively practise our ‘give to receive’ belief.
Our practical ability to make and supply many of the items and services needed each day by all people, further adds purpose and value to our undertaking. Our relevance renews and refreshes itself on a daily basis, as each person or entity, regularly and frequently interacts and participates, in and across, the 4 key pillars of life.