Our Vision

What's Your Meant2be Today?

Our Vision

Our Meant2Be vision and our reason for existing is simple and powerful.

We decided over 20 years ago now, to dedicate ourselves and everything we did, to making a difference. If it took the rest of our lives, its achievement would be worth the effort.

To realise that we had been blessed with a clarity of knowing that it is possible to transcend all the vagaries of life, and simply connect with each and every person at a heart and mind level, meant that we would have every chance of achieving our personal life goal.

To be of value to all people by being part of their lives in any or many ways, as their Meant2be changed, would be that goal. Knowing we all have differing roles each day, wearing many ‘caps’ to make sure the life we lead, and the responsibilities we have, are fulfilled.

From birth, to school, to friendships, families, sport, working, career, enjoyment, celebrating, marriage, commitments, growing old, sickness, losing loved ones, being alone and death, the journey is one to share and do as much as we can. That’s the magic of life.

By our guiding philosophy, diversity and uniqueness, we have an offering for all people. No matter what your age, current path, interests or endeavours. Through our ability to genuinely give to receive, we are a community based organisation, and a useful resource for all at any level.

We’re Meant2Be, proudly part of Your life.