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While it may look like a preschooler is simply playing in the preschool classroom all day, that is not the case (although kids definitely have a lot of fun!). Play is so much more than a child having fun. Play, especially when it involves interacting with other children, teaches young children how to form friendships, take turns, learn how to cooperate, try out different ways of problem solving, use their imaginations and think creatively.

Different types of play, including both structured and unstructured, allow for children to practise different skills in different ways. Preschool curriculum, promotes learning while helping children meet various language, social, physical, and cognitive goals.




We would sincerely appreciate being thought of as a back office in your pre-school, that does all the cool things that might be great for the children, just because you now have that resource at your service. Your pre-school now has all the equipment and knowhow to do it. Quite honestly, if you need an A4 piece of paper printed, or you have some creative pieces you are thinking of sticking to walls, or there are drawings done that deserve to be placed on tee shirts, or wish to run a creative workshop, please come into the back office and tell us. We’re waiting and ready to go. Promise!

We offer many useful Resource Items & Support Services for Pre-Schools & Teachers.
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