Celebration Banners

Our Celebration Banners come in many sizes and types. You can hang them, sign them walk thru them, and even cover them in great photos. Completely your choice.

Colourful, creative and unique. Our banners make any event even more special and enjoyable. Choose a type that suits your event, pick a size, and let’s get started. Design your own or we can help.



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Celebration Banners make a party.

It can be a big personal welcome, colourful and creative with your very own, uniquely special photos and words.

Celebration Banners are available as:

HANGING BANNERS (we can fit eyelets or you can use blue tack or tape.)

Our (4) most popular sizes include: (your welcome to customise your own size.)

A SMALL banner (125cm x 50cm),

MEDIUM banner (150cm x 60cm),

LARGE banner (240cm x 80cm),

MASSIVE banner (300cm x 90cm).

Your banner can be fitted with metal eyelets all round for ease of hanging.

Hanging Celebration Banner Thought Starters:

Great for over entrances or on walls or doors.

Hang them up over or along the front of your gift tables.

Outside on fences or entertainment areas.

Dress up the venue with your personal touch.

SIGNING BANNERS (with or without eyelets in each corner)

Small (60cm x 90cm)

Medium (70cm x 110cm)

Large (90cm x 150cm)

Regular (75cm x 154cm)

Extra Large (85cm x 200cm)

Signing Banner Thought Starters:

A fantastic celebration item for yourself and unforgettable gift for a special family member or friend. They are a real party favourite and definitely bring everyone together at your event.

Have all your guests sign and write their best wishes and thoughts on a memorable keep sake banner. A real focal point for your celebration. Read their comments and remember your event for years to come. Perfect for all birthdays and happy gatherings.

Great at Engagements, Weddings, Baptisms and 1st Birthdays.

Farewells and Social events are fantastic too.


Regular (75cm x 154cm)

Extra Large (85cm x 200cm)

WALK THRU BANNER (either for a single or double door.)

Single Door (90cm wide x 200cm drop)

Double Door (180cm wide x 200cm drop)

Walk Thru Banner Thought Starters:

Have a party with a big welcome, walk thru banner. Colourful, creative with your unique party theme, welcome message, special photos and personal invite to ‘come on in’. Add a real ‘wow’ to your celebration gateway. Perfect for any teenager party or event.

Friends will love it, as they arrive and push through the banner to a beautifully decorated venue. Add an element of mystery and wonder to the party.

Specifics: Hangs easily at top of door frame or across front door panel (Pin down or hang up). Solid band at top with hanging banner strips (60-70mm approx) Available for either a single or double door, printed full colour one side. Forms a grand entrance through to a great party.

Please email us any other ideas, events or thought starters you think we should include here for everyone else to share. It’s greatly appreciated.

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