Composite Panel Signs

Tough, lightweight, versatile aluminium composite panels have revolutionised signage.

Composite panels, also known as sandwich panels, are a popular construction material consisting of an insulation core sandwiched between two metal facings.

Available in a number of panel sizes, and cut to measure, we can supply your great looking signage to suit your application. We can print & apply vivid corporate graphics, retail menu boards, directional and information boards, sports stadium signs & around the ground sponsorships.

These weather proof outdoor grade panels are easy to clean, and excellent to work with.

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Once you work out the size of your sign or area that requires a composite sign, please contact us so we can calculate the most efficient panel size. Most composite signs are made up of one single piece, however some larger signs require a number of pieces to make up the complete sign. A good example is factory wall signage, murals and retail menu boards.
Composite panels are used extensively for external walls, internal structures and roof construction within a variety of industries, including cold storage, warehousing, food, hotels and other environments which adhere to stringent hygiene standards. Composite panels are a more favourable choice because of the following characteristics:
– Thermal insulation properties that curb heat and cold transmission
– Ability to muffle sound
– Light weight
– Easy construction
– Non-porous exterior that enables quick washing
– Lower cost compared to other materials
Enough said.
Please call, email or send a Product ENQUIRE/QUOTE so we can help with some useful advice and pricing.

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