Photo Blankets, Quilts & Throws

Our Photo Blankets, Quilts & Throws are all lovingly hand made. Beautifully sewn and quilted, these memory pieces capture a time, event or someone’s life in a very unique way. Proudly a masterpiece and keepsake that becomes more precious with the passing of time. Let your special photos, colours and words tell the story.

A number of popular sizes to choose from or customise your own. A perfect gift for the new born arrival or toddler. A gift of memory for the elderly in aged care. A great throw for a couch or favourite chair. Guaranteed to warm your heart.



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Composition or design of our Photo Blankets, Quilts and Throws are based on your preferences and budget.

What this means is that you can have all sorts of choices and variations to personalise your special item. Large single photo in the middle with text or colour surrounding it, or perhaps a number of photos, or a blended collage of up to 25 photos that captures the time, people or event. The baby blankets and quilts look fantastic with a primary photo only. The larger quilts lend themselves to collages of images for family and friends.

Best thing to do is collect all your photos, and then be selective and choose only the best or favourites. For example, a set of 10 great photos of your grandparents’ lives, is more captivating than 27 made up of poorer quality or composition.

Let us know your colour theme or preferences. We will then match the quilted outer frame with the complimenting backing piece. Usual colour themes include: Light Pink, Dark Pink, Hot Pink, Lilac, Mauve, Purple, Lemon, Yellow, Gold, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Light Green, Grass Green, Forest (dark) Green, Burgundy/Maroon, Brown, Orange, Red, Silver, Light Grey and Dark Grey.

Our standard sizes are summarised below for you. We suggest you pick the size you have in mind and not necessarily the name next to the size. Use your measuring tape to visualise the sizes, so that it suits your purpose best.

Small Cradle: 380mm x 760mm

Large Cradle: 500mm x 1000mm

Crib: 600mm x 900mm

Small Baby Quilt: 900mm x 900mm

Large Baby Quilt: 1100mm x 1100mm

Baby Blanket: 800mm x 1150mm

Toddler Blanket: 1050mm x 1300mm

Mini Quilt: 650mm x 950mm

Small Quilt: 910mm x 1150mm

Medium Quilt: 950mm x 1450mm

Large Quilt: 1000mm x 1800mm

Please note all photo blankets, quilts and throws can be portrait or landscape in orientation. Your personal preference will determine how we place photos and design your artwork.

When you receive or give one of our blankets, quilts or throws, it will (without doubt) end up being one of the best gifts you could receive or give. It is such a personalised item.

Important notes: Above price includes up to and including 5 photos. (Simple placement or frame styled)
Additional photos may be added: 1-5 @ $15 per photo, 6-10 @ $9.50 per photo, 11-25 @ $7.50 per photo.
Blended Collages (11-25 images) please add $180 for artwork.

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