Stickers, Labels & Decals

Whatever your application, we happily print any quantity, size & shape of stickers, labels & decals. Our clever machines can print & contour cut to your artwork shape. We love stickers!

If you’re looking for product labels, outdoor tough vinyl decals, stickers for a child’s party, creative school program, then let us work with you on design ideas. We have many sizes and shapes in our existing gallery; however, your personalised size is very welcomed.



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Our Stickers, Labels & Decals are available in any size. These may also be shaped or contoured if required. Ideal and practical so that you can clearly label, identify, name, brand, address, promote or simply inform. For ease of choosing, our stickers, labels and decals are divided into 2 suggested size categories:

Category 1: Regular: Small, Medium, Oval, Square & Round sizes.

This category covers 33 popular choices with the option of any other shape or size within the same area of each.

(Irregular or customised shapes are also part of this category at NO EXTRA COST.)

Category 2: Bumper Sticker sizes.

We have detailed 12 popular variations in this Bumper Sticker category. Price is the same for any size or shape within the same area.

Our self adhesive products are printed in high quality resolution and suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. Our inks are UV tough, water resistant and matched to a durable media.

Ordering is simple. Choose a preferred size and quantity from our library of 45 suggested size/area variations. Equally, you may configure your own ‘customised’ size or shape within the same area sizes, at exactly the same price.

This fantastic print process does away completely with the need for cutting formes or setup costs.

We don’t have minimum orders. We suggest quantities of: 250, 500, 750 and 1,000.

For greater quantities or other sizes, please send us a Product ENQUIRY or add it to your QUOTE/ENQUIRY LIST, and making sure you include your preferred size and quantity. We’ll come back to you with our very best pricing.

If you already know what you want, and have artwork ready to go, please use the Artwork TEMPLATES and GUIDELINES to prepare your artwork, and then upload files with your Product ENQUIRY or with the other products you may be asking about, on the QUOTE/ENQUIRY LIST. We promise to be in touch as soon as we have your artwork and details.

Additional Laminated Finish:

We suggest over laminating any stickers or decals you may need for extended outdoor use, or in environments that may be abrasive or exposed to detergents and chemicals. Our inks are tough, but UV over time and chemicals tend to give them a difficult time.

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