Wall Murals & Printed Wall Paper

Find an amazing photo or image that would look incredible on your wall. Our Photo Mural Wall Paper is perfect just for that.
We will print your image, send it out to you, and you can install it, reposition it or easily remove it. This medium allows you to change over to a new idea, new look, new colour or different size whenever you wish.

Carefully measure the area or wall you wish to decorate and send us a QUOTE/ENQUIRY request. We’ll send back our very best price and call you to discuss details. A lot of fun, and very effective.

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Our Wall Mural & Wall Paper material is printed in full colour and can be easily removed, stored (placed on original backing paper) and used again! You may wish to change a business promotion or living area or bedroom graphic as often as you like – and you can install it yourself! Liven up your office or home.
The lightly textured material gives the mural a beautiful matt finish and allows the bubbles and creases to be easily smoothed out with your finger. And one of the best things about it? If you have any problems during installation, you can just remove it and start all over again. The removable adhesive is specially designed to be simple to install, so you can do it yourself.

How do I Install it myself?
Here are some suggestions to help with your installation of our Wall Mural Wall Paper:
Step 1: Choose almost anywhere to display your Mural!
The Wall Mural material should be applied to a smooth, dry and clean surface. The most traditional places include any wall, door or window. When placing it on a standard painted wall, make sure the wall has been previously primed prior to painting (otherwise the paint or adhesive may come off). For newly painted surfaces, make sure you allow 30 days for out gassing of the paint to preventing bubbling. Wash and wear and Teflon paints may not provide adequate adhesion for the Wall Mural Wallpaper, so you may want to test it first for a couple of days.
Avoid placement above fireplaces. For larger areas you can overlap the material up to 20mm or butt it up (as the material has minimal shrinkage or curl).
Step 2: Clean it before you stick it
Use a warm, damp cloth or sponge to clean the wall surface or window and allow it to completely dry. Make sure all previous cleaning solutions are completely gone. You can remove and replace the Mural Wallpaper multiple times however, as soon as it is removed it should be stuck down to the original backing paper so the adhesive side of the material is not exposed to dust or dirt. Once the adhesive collects too much dust, dirt or fibre. it will become less effective and the material may not stick as well to your surface.
Step 3: Peel and stick it
Depending on the size of your print, it may be helpful to have two people to install it. Try not to let the adhesive come together, or let the wallpaper fold up against itself. If it does stick to itself, you can separate it by carefully pulling it apart – and you may want two people to do this on larger images.
Start at the top of the Mural Wallpaper and pull down approximately 150mm of the backing paper – then crease the backing paper so it stays down. Simply apply the 150mm of exposed adhesive area to your chosen location. Then you reposition the material until your full graphic is positioned correctly and square. Once the material is positioned correctly and square you continue to slowly pull the backing paper downward in 150mm increments, smoothing the print as you go. Depending on the size, it may be helpful if one person pulls down the backing paper, while the other person smooths the image onto the surface. You can use a felt squeegee to apply it and to smooth it out.
If there are any bubbles or wrinkles, you can lightly press or smooth them out, or just peel back that area and re-apply it.
Further suggestions:
If a bubble re-appears over the next day or two, pressing and lightly rubbing can remove it. This can happen occasionally if oil, dirt, or dust is on your surface. Use a pin to pop the bubble, and then smooth it out with your fingers in a circular motion. In the very rare instance that bubbles keep re-appearing, you may want to move your print to another area, as there is something preventing the adhesive from sticking. Most causes of bubbles are because the wall was painted within the last 30 days or cleaning chemicals were used prior and not completely removed prior to installation.
DISCLAIMER: The above information is provided to help with the installation of our Wall Mural Wallpaper material. The information is provided in good faith and is correct to the best of our knowledge. Meant2be accepts no responsibility for any damage to property or loss of material during the installation. If you do not feel confident or have concerns installing the print, it may make sense to have a local signage company install the print for you.
We hope this information will help you with the installation of your Wall Mural Wallpaper print.

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