What's Your Meant2be Today?


Special education is defined as teaching for students with learning needs that cannot be met by the standard Australian school curriculum. It may involve specialised exercises, subject matter or techniques appropriate to the needs of the child. In Australia children with special needs are those with disabilities, health related conditions or learning difficulties. The term disability encompasses children with an intellectual disability, physical disability, vision impairment, hearing impairment, language disorder, mental health condition or autism.




We feel that Meant2Be can be an additional support to the wonderful work done in our Specialist Schools. Reaffirming the uniqueness in all people, and helping in any way to highlight what’s special in a person, we wish to be considered as one of your support resources. It may be a drawing or painting workshop, dress up and dance party, making music or turning an art piece into a reflection of the artist. It doesn’t matter what we can help with, as long as we have the joy to do so.

We offer many useful Resource Items & Support Services for Specialist Schools & Teachers.
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