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Tertiary education includes various institutions, such as college, university, and vocational courses. This study may range from relatively simple courses lasting a few weeks to highly specialised courses lasting for several years. Major changes after leaving secondary include, a need to be more independent, adjusting to a new learning and teaching style, encountering different forms of assessment, probably a lot less contact hours and being surrounded by a wide range of different people.




Tertiary tends to be made up of people who are self-starters and focused on getting the job done. We can help you get it done. If you need to print an assignment or poster/banner or fabric piece, we have the equipment on hand. If there are any on campus needs for an upcoming festival or event, we can help with flyers, tee shirts and bumper stickers. We’d love to work with lecturers and course administrators to produce course material and teaching aids. We’re here at your service.

We offer many useful Resource Items & Support Services for Tertiary Institutions & Teachers.
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