The Gift Of Memory

What's Your Meant2be Today?

The Gift Of Memory

A practical part of our Resource Centre is to offer a number of workshops and items, that help bring together some key aspects of this final stanza of life. The love of family, the many accomplishments over a long life, the wisdom and advice to be had, and the support needed with remembering, reflecting, reminiscing and still feeling alive and worthwhile.




Our Gift Of Memory Workshops and items, include: words, music, story-telling, movement, photos, and some in-room aids such as photo cushions, photo quilts and photo frames that help us remember our own lives and the people we care for most.

Workshop Conversations include:

Tell Me Your Story

A number of key questions to stimulate memory

and the joy of conversation.

- Where did you grow up?

- Who was you first friend, teacher, pet, love?


What’s Your Favourite Song?

The Power of Music to help memory recall.

Listen and sing along to music. Dancing allowed.

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